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Business and non-profit organizations need to maintain accounting records required by law to protect the interests of shareholders and to fulfill their executive management obligations. In recent years, these organizations have recognized that accounting services are derived from a professional organization, Outsourcing, which is a cost-effective and cost-effective process. Accounting services in the form of “Outsourcing” are not necessarily required for the organization of the accounting department or division of the organization at large cost and in addition to the information needed for management decision-making and reporting. The organization does not have to worry about managing accounting services in a professional organization, such as changes in personnel, planning, training, or deportation. However, it is possible to focus on our operations by providing support to a professional organization.



We provide services to monitor and prepare financial statements in the accounting software we use. To start an account with a new startup account from closing an incomplete account and reorganize accounts from an incomplete registry.


We will calculate wages, bonuses, and social security contributions to our monthly employees, as well as provide tax returns. It also helps organize organizational management of wage-related processes and develops relevant procedures.